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Luigi's Free Wine Tastings
Every Thursday (excluding holidays) from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

What we do:  We have wine tastings each Thursday night during the normal course of business.  These tastings are geared toward customer education and enjoyment.  We typically offer 5 different wines (usually 3 are from our current list, and the other are new or being tested).  There is no fee.  You may try all the wines, and one of our staff members (alot of times it may be the owner, Nick, who is passionate about wine and loves sharing information with others) will provide detailed information about each wine.  If a customer chooses to purchase a glass of one of the tasted wines, then there is a charge for the glass.  These tastings are instrumental in both Wine list development and in consumer education.

Retail Sales
Luigi's also holds an off premise license.  That means we can sell wine "to go".  We also sell wine with volume discounts.  Generally, these discounts apply to case purchases only, and the discounts are usually between 30% and 50% off of our wine list pricing.  Feel free to contact us (ask for Mike or Nick) about a wine you are interested in and we can get you a price.  Note that discounts and availability of case purchasing is directly related to the availability of the wine itself.   Some wines that are highly allocated or in limited availability will not be eligible for case purchasing.  

Wine Newsletter:
Most of the time its not even a newsletter but more of a sales flyer.  When we come across a great buy or something that is just remarkably good, we may send out a sale sheet which will have special pricing for case purchasing or sometimes single bottle sales.  It is really simple and effective.  We send you an email with a flyer attachment.  You send back a reply that tells us if you want some and how much you want.  Then we email you when the wine arrives (usually within two weeks).  Then all you have to do is drop by and pick it up and pay for it at that time(during regular business hours).   Its a great little program for those of you who like to stock some more eclectic items (lots of times these are wines not available to retail accounts at all).  About the newsletter part.  On occassion I might send out something that is more educational or informative about wine, like, "The Screwcap Revolution" or "Proper wine storage".  Good information for those interested in the very broad subject of wine.  Oh, and I won't clutter your in-box with a bunch of junk.  In fact I may only send something about once or twice a month.  If you would like to be on our Newsletter/Sales Flyer list please click below.
Luigi's Italian Restaurant and Bar
528 N. McPherson Church Road   Fayetteville N.C.   28303

Wine Tastings and Retail


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